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 We are a group that formed in the late summer of 2008, when most of the members were entering their first year of highschool. We started out with three members.


Nami, Kyoky, and Bella.

Bella soon was dismissed because of gossip and then began the entering of new members, after three or more months of only kyoky and nami manning BWP. Kira was one of the first to become a member, so the founding three were named. kyoky, Nami, and Kira. Then came kisame, lolli, tmara and Zabuza. Sadly Zabuza left after a horrible breakup with lolli.

 Then after all that mess, Hina was introduced, along with link, who was later dismissed. Then comes our final two boys that were added just this year(2011) Zetsu and Anku. 


And now a new mess has been resolved in the loss of three members. A main staple, Kira and Lolli; and a new but now released member Anku.





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